Scrapbooking Eyelets

Eyelets are the new trend in scrapbooking. See what the fuss is all about.

About Eyelets

Eyelets are gildings made use of for scrapbooking and other craft assignments these kinds of as card making. Eyelets are typically designed of aluminum or brass and come in two measurements and three styles. The most typical sizing for eyelets is 1/8″, while they also come in three/16″. three/16″ eyelets are larger sized than 1/8″ eyelets and typically value far more.

Styles of eyelets incorporate plain, best coat, and anodized. Basic eyelets are not painted so they are the colour of the metallic they are designed out of. This kind of eyelets is not extremely typical. Eyelets also come with a best coat colour. These eyelets are painted. The final kind of eyelet is anodized. Anodized eyelets have a far more metallic colour than eyelets with a best coat.

Eyelets have a hole by means of the center that is made use of to attach them to your paper. Brads are typically marketed with eyelets. Brads vary since they do not have this characteristic hole. In its place, brads have two metallic flaps on the again that can be bent to attach them to paper.

In which to Use Eyelets

Eyelets come in a lot of shapes and colours. They can be made use of to attach merchandise these kinds of as ribbons, paper, photos, and tags to scrapbooking internet pages. Eyelets are a uncomplicated way to include to the colour and concept of your scrapbooking internet pages.

In this article are fifteen concepts for employing your eyelets.

  1. Gildings on a paper piecing image these kinds of as buttons on a snowman or dots on a girl bug
  2. Connect vellum paper
  3. To hange tags or frames from
  4. Produce movable pieces on your paper piecing
  5. Produce a page concept these kinds of as shells for a seashore page or fish for a fishing journey page
  6. Corners of image mats
  7. In the hole of a tag
  8. As bullets for a checklist
  9. Journaling accents
  10. Eyes of animals these kinds of as owls
  11. The center of bouquets
  12. Produce your personal bugs, butterflies,or bees from eyelet shapes
  13. As the dot on an i or the center of a letter
  14. To make a string of Xmas lights or as the ornaments on a xmas tree
  15. The M&Ms in M&M cookies
  16. String ribbon or craft fibbers by means of a line of eyelets

The checklist could go on and on. You can use eyelets to include dimension that will spice up any page.

How to Use Eyelets

It is time to roll up all those sleeves and split out your handy equipment. You will need a hammer, hole setter, and a resilient perform floor these kinds of as a rubber craft mat to get began employing eyelets.

  1. Location your scrapbooking page deal with up on your perform floor.
  2. Set the hole setter on your page the place you want to insert the eyelet.
  3. Lightly tap the close of the hole setter a couple moments until eventually a hole is produced.
  4. Location your eyelet upside down on your perform floor and place your scrapbooking page above the eyelet so that the again of the eyelet sticks throught the hole you just produced.
  5. Location the setter with the flat close above the again of the eyelet and frivolously tap the close of the setter with your hammer until eventually the again of the eyelet starts to bend outward.
  6. Hammer the again of the eyelet straight until eventually the eyelet flattens down into place.
  7. Switch your scrapbooking page above and be happy of your perform.

In which to Invest in Eyelets

You can order eyelets from me! My eBay Scrapbooking Store has hundreds of mixes of eyelets. Just seem for my vendor id: scrapsandcrafts has a research engine for finding scrapbooking eyelets, brads, and other supplies. Test it out.

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