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Choosing on-demand movies made easy by online services

altChoosing and ordering a film for a cosy night in can be done without leaving the sofa thanks to an array of online services offering a bewildering choice of movies and television favourites to rent.

Thanks to an explosion of consumer technology, days are numbered for physical DVD movie-rental outlets. It means no more venturing out on a windy night to pick up the latest blockbuster and rushing to return it by the deadline to avoid an excess charge.


Stop the pain of hard-to-open packs, urge consumers

altPackaging often presents a surprising struggle to accessing our new purchases.

Whoever we are and wherever we are in the world, we have picked a pack with an opening mechanism that totally foxes us.


Survey reveals UK's 'coolest' brands

surveyThe votes have been counted, ladies and gentlemen, and we have a winner. The UK's 'coolest' brand, according to a survey conducted by Superbrands, is... historic motoring marque Aston Martin. The car manufacturer has topped the poll for the second year running, beating technology giant Apple into second place.


Mobile technology threatens the “death of the PC”

According to new research from Virgin Mobile Business, 64% of companies from a sample of 5,000 are now equipping employees to work out of the office, compared to only 14% of businesses in 2010. Mobile working is growing at a staggering rate and if you are regularly out of the office, you can keep in touch with all Re:locate’s industry information via our new app, which will be available in the next few days.