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UK celebrates Shakespeare as part of London 2012 festivities

BooksIf, as William Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It, "all the world's a stage", then UK must surely be hogging the spotlight this summer.

The World Shakespeare Festival, part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, kicks off this month, aiming to tempt a new generation of fans into the world of one of the UK's most celebrated playwrights. Led by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the country-wide celebration will feature theatre companies from all over the world, presenting their own unique interpretations of the works of the bard.

In London, the celebration will also be one of language, with Shakespeare's plays being performed in no fewer than 37 languages. So whether you speak Portuguese or Sudanese, there's bound to be something to grab your attention.

Alongside the plays, the festival will host a range of educational talks at events, which will furnish visitors with background information on Shakespeare's life and works. Exhibitions - such as the Living Walls piece, which will be on display at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre - will provide yet further food for the creative mind.

With the UK set to welcome visitors from around the world during the Olympic Games, there could hardly be a better moment to celebrate one of our greatest ambassadors.

For more information on the World Shakespeare Festival, click here.

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